All about tunepal

This is my first foray into the world of blogging! Over time I plan to make this blog the home of all my music research projects, which can be currently found at My current project is a port of, my query by playing search engine for traditional music to the iPhone, which I have been working on for the past few months. is is in turn based on MATT2 and TANSEY – software I developed for my PhD, which I completed last year. I am pleased to say that the project is nearing completion and I hope to submit tunepal to the App store in the coming weeks. This is how Tunepal for the iPhone works: has a database of over 11,000 tunes, drawn from, Heinrik Norbeck’s ABC tunes, O’Neills Dance Music of Ireland, Brendan Breathneach’s Ceol Rince na hÉireann and the tunes of Johnny O Leary. It is quite popular in the trad world and has been used almost 6,000 times since I launched it last year. To find a tune in, you just play a phrase from the tune you are looking for and returns the top ten closest matching tunes. In fact is usually 100% accurate and will often return all the instances of the tune you are looking for from the different tune collections in the index.

Tunepal for iPhone uses a similar transcription engine and although it is not as sofisticated as the engine I developed for my PhD, it incorporates some of the expressivness compensation algorithms I developed, such as the ornamentation filtering algorithm. To find a tune, you just play a 10 second segment to Tunepal. Tunepal then makes a transcription and submits it to then returns the closest match from it’s database. I have been testing for the past couple of weeks and I am happy to report that Tunepal gives similar accuracy to In other words, it almost always gets the correct match. When you find a tune, it is then downloaded to your iPhone (if you dont alread have it), where you can view the ABC and of course play back the tune. The playback engine is based on ABC2MIDI and FMOD. My school, (the School of Computing, DIT) is sponsoring the project as I have to buy a commercial license for FMOD and pay for hosting. Some screen shots of Tunepal:


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