New release finished

The new release of Tunepal is finished. I’ll just do some testing in O’Donohue’s tomorrow and over the weekend and submit before Monday. It should be live on the app store early next week with all the new features described in my previous post. Im very excited about the cloud based title searches. Now in Tunepal, not only cal you search 12,000 tunes by playing, but you can also now search the corpus by tune title. Tunepal now gives you a confidence score when it finds by playing and gives you the option of adding the tune to your “My Tunes” tab.

Coming soon in Tunepal 1.3:

1. Display as 5 line stave using either ABC2JS or ABC2PS. I’m not sure which one to use yet and I will have to do some performance testing to see if ABC2JS is fast enough on the iPhone
2. After seeing Sean Blanchfields inspiring talk at Games Fleadh this week in Thurles I am going to include some more Facebook integration into Tunepal, so that when you tak a tune, you can post it to your facebook page. What do people think of this feature? Useful or gimmick.

Come to think of it, I might add a button to add the tune to your tunebook in That might be more useful.

Some screenshots of the new version:


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