Problem displaying and playing some tunes

Ive had a couple of reports from users having problems displaying and playing certain tunes in Tunepal and I am anxious to track down the source of this problem. To reproduce it, try a title search for “Green fields of Ros”. You should get 2 matches:

Green Fields of Rosbeigh, The –
Green Fields of Rossbeigh, The – Norbeck

If you tap the first one, the dispay of the tune should have no carriage return/linefeeds in it. For example:

X: 1 T: Green Fields Of Rosbeigh, The M: 4/4 L: 1/8 R: reel K: Edor….

And when you tap play, you should hear a tune you might have played earlier (or the app will crash if you never played a tune before).

The second match from Norbeck should display and play correctly.

I’d appreciate if a few users could do the above test and let me know what happens.

Also please let me know what iPhone firmware you are running.

Strangely I have not been able to reproduce this problem on my iPhone. I am running firmware 1.3.2



3 thoughts on “Problem displaying and playing some tunes

  1. Brian,

    Off topic but wanted to say I am finding if I use a bit of common sense in the recording the tune name return can be very accurate. A couple of nights ago it pulled 5 tunes correct in a row in a small session. The dominant instrument (based on proximity) was a flute, played by’s SirNose. Leaving aside the geotag thing which is not basic to function, everything is getting better. Well done…

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