Would this freak you out?

First of all, the latest Tunepal for iPhone is now available on the app store. Now, I have an idea for the next version and I want to see would people find it useful or just freaky. Tunepal geotags all queries. You can track the tunes you have played on a map on the iPhone and also the global queries online at tunepal.org. Its kind of exciting to see what tunes people are searching for around the world. All of this is totally anonymous of course and can be enabled or disabled at the users preference.

However, what if you could create say a tunepal login for yourself, linked to either your facebook login or your thesession.org login. Then you could show a map on the iPhone of:

1. The tunes being played around you
2. You could see the nearby musicians on your iphone map, say in a 50 km radius and tapping on a musician would bring you to their facebook page or thesession.org page. This might not be much use in Dublin, but say you were in the back of beyonds in Australia or somewhere like that.

I suppose it could be made an optional feature. Would this be useful or cool or would it freak you out if you could be found this way?

BTW Anyone going to the Criniu next week?



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