What people are saying about Tunepal

A selection of some of the comments/discussions about Tunepal for iPhone, tunepal.org, MATT2 and Tansey:

“I bought a new ipod touch, so now i can run Tunepal.  What a funny name!  I didn’t think it meant much, but I got such a warm and fuzzy feeling when it recognized a tune.  The “Pal” part of the name is more appropriate than I thought.So do you collect data such as “this tune was played in this town, near this street” etc every time someone searches?  That’s nuts~Congratulations on a really fun gadget, i hope the bucks are rolling in!”

“I love it – and the session I go to in Canberra – as a beginner fiddler I gained my ‘place’ in the session by being the Tunepal checker! It started off with me just wanting to know what tunes they were playing and over coming the ‘it’s the one after the other one’ stuff (meaning I don’t know!). Now even the stalwarts say ‘Ooh….what’s the machine say that ones called?” and I’m in trouble if I haven’t checked”

“I re-purchased it when I switched to an Android phone and it works like a champ on my Captivate. I hope you’re able to make enough to justify continued Android development. Everyone else in the session is grateful as… I’m not constantly asking what the name of a tune is.”

“I am a concertina player in Iowa USA.
I first heard/say tunepal on an iphone this spring at a gathering,
Tionol, in St. Louis and am very pleased that I can get a version for
my own phone—I prefer not to have iphone. I am also a mathematician at the University of Iowa and do a lot of programing, mostly graphics, but some with sound so I really appreciate what a fine piece of software this is and the hard work you and others (Brendan O’Shea , Mikel Gainza, and Padraig Cunningham it would seem from your joint paper) have put into this.”

“Didn’t work till upgrade now it hasn’t failed to recognise a single tune. Wish I knew how to post a comment. Very well done. This is now my favourite apple by a long way.”

“Listening to ClareFM.ie this morning.

Heard a great tune…..interrupted by the Galway Races  😦
Used Tunepal……..it’s called The Parting………got it from The Session.org
So much fun………..listening and learning Irish Trad.
Thank you so much for the good you have done and are doing!

“It is ironic, but one of my mates has proudly proclaimed she has never had a cell phone, computer, nor opened an email account. She is utterly fascinated with Tunepal”

“I’m sure you’re getting emails every day saying how much folks love your tunepal site and iphone app. I have the app and LOVVVVVVVVVE it! I use it every day. Awesome awesome awesome! :-)”

“Great app. Everyone’s talking about it. I’m going to buy, but I’m curious if I should wait until the next version comes out, or if there’s a way to upgrade if I buy now.”

“Getting a lot of use out of this app now. Everybody I have told so far is very impressed.”

“This is exactly what I was looking for! I had the same idea but no way of actually developing it, thanks for doing so!”

“It’s pure magic. Thanks a million for having made this diamond and share it with everyone. If there was a God, I’m quite sure that he would have you blessed !”

“Works well. Well done.”

“this an absolutely fantastic tool. for me, it gets it right so often that i’d suggest hiding most of the GUI under the hood (accessible if needed), and just have “Record” and “Stop” – the transcription & search would happen automatically after stop – and be aborted if Record was pressed again.”

“”We tried it in combat conditions last night at the session. I did not change the fundamental, but it seemed good enough at recognising D/G/A tunes. And it gave some very interesting answers. We got some really fascinating  (mostly from session.org) variant names for well-known tunes.”

“I recently purchased the Tunepal app. for IPhone and I was going to send you feedback from your website but the link points to an unexisting domain.Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the great idea and the great job you’ve done with Tunepal. It’s an excellent and very useful tool. Just what I whished for quite often.”

“Tom Doorley, who is the trad flute lecturer in the Conservatory, mentioned your iPhone app to me a few weeks ago–he thought it was a great idea.  I think it would be of a great interest to our traditional Irish music students.”

“It would be great if you could include Nigel Gatherer’s tune collection into Tunepal.   He has loads of great Scottish tunes. I tried out Tunepal on my iPhone in one of Nigels classes last week, and he was very impressed by it!”

“I recently downloaded Tunepal for my Ipod Touch and have been exploring it.

“I am really impressed with the app.  It was 100% correct in identifying tunes when I played them on flute or whistle.  Having worked in a previous life in ultrasonic testing of materials, I can appreciate some of the problems involved.”

“After one year of playing this music, I participate in every bit of the chit-chat and camaraderie at session but If I want to play along I’m going to have to learn the tunes. I could take a tape recorder but this is easier and faster and gives me the stave notation as well.”

“All in all, maybe a small step for a musician but a giant leap for traditional music?”

“I’ve got very basic computer skills but I found this software very easy to use. I’ve played a reel I learnt many years ago off Joe Fitzgerald and did’nt have a name for it but played it into the software once through the A part on my guitar at a moderate tempo through an AKG Cardioid Condenser Mic and it came up with two names “The Burren” or “Michael Cramer’s”. Many thanks Dr.Bryan, I’ll be passing this on to my students.”

“BTW I found it using Bryan Duggan’s excellent http://www.tunepal.org. It was the first match!”

“Yes but quicker than transcribing a section of their playing to search with is just to play the tune whole into the computer and then click search. The computer can then search based on their own playing. I am amazed at how accurate Bryan’s program is. A truly nifty bit of technology.”

“Wow guys thanks, I’m impressed! Also, thanks for the new tool, it will go in my bookmark and will test it at some point? It analyses a sound file and looks for the tune online? Unbelievable. I must be getting old, everytime I think I got a hang of ABC search technologies, there’s something new! I can’t keep up.”

“I like this a lot — it might even be the “killer app” that gets me to buy an iPhone.”

“Just love MATT2 and TANSEY, I’m planning on playing with that some more. I understand its possible to expand the database of tunes it looks up, I have a huge collection in ABC. The session I go to, as all sessions I’m sure, has loads of good tunes and we have a couple of players who often can’t remember the names of tunes but play from a seemingly endless well. How great it would be to match these orphan tunes back with their names and notes. Being able to snatch a recording and match it back to an ABC and a name is such a functionality”

“My big interest with MATT2 and TANSEY is the element of the application that strips away artistic deviation from the ‘set’ tune. One area I’d be fascinated to work on is looking at using this artistic input as a means of identifying a performer. Many key exponents have characteristics within their playing – Tommy People’s triplets, Bobby Casey’s tone, Tanseys’ use of reversing and linked rolls, etc. It would be great to work on a program that would analyse the music and try and identify a performer based on melodic variation and technical ornamentation within the given extract”
“Had a look at your MATT2 program. Looks class. I’m going to try it out with the fiddle for the craic and see if it works :)”
“Just took MATT2 for a test drive – impressive stuff, well done! I like the way it can even identify a set and pick out the individual tunes. Brilliant!”

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