My ISMIR 2010 paper all about and Tunepal for iPhone

A paper all about and Tunepal for iPhone I will be presenting at this years International Society for Music Information Retrieval conference in the Utrecht in August:

The abstract:

In this paper we present two new query-by-playing (QBP) music information retrieval (MIR) systems aimed at musicians playing traditional Irish dance music. Firstly, a browser hosted system – is presented. Secondly, we present Tunepal for iPhone/iPod touch devices – a QBP system that can be used in situ in traditional music sessions. Both of these systems use a backend corpus of 13,290 tunes drawn from community sources and “standard” references. These systems have evolved from academic research to become popular tools used by musicians around the world. 16,064 queries have been logged since the systems were launched on 31 July, 2009 and 11 February, 2010 respectively to 18 May 2010. As we log data on every query made, including geocoding queries made on the iPhone, we propose that these tools may be used to follow trends in the playing of traditional music. We also present an analysis of the data we have collected on the usage of these systems.


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