Minor update to Tunepal today


I’ve uploaded a new release of Tunepal for iPhone today with the following features:

1. Tunepal has a new matching algorithm that is now much better at identifying tunes when the parts are played out of order – for example when you catch the end of the B part back into the A part of a tune in a set.

2. I’ve added a link to a 10 minute Youtube video to the help page.

It should be live on the app store in a couple of days.

I’ve also released a new version of Tunepal on Android. Its now available on the Android Marketplace, the SlideME marketplace and direct from me through http://tunepal.org. The only change is a fix for a recording problem that users of LG phones were having. Still no fix for the HTC Magic. Anyone want to send me one for testing??


3 thoughts on “Minor update to Tunepal today

  1. Just downloaded the app on an iPhone4 – this app is absolutely amazing!

    Is there a way to get it to display alternate names for the tunes it finds, a la session.org?

    • Janelle

      Im still waiting for Apple to approve the latest update, so you will get an update pretty soon with the improved matching. You mightnt notice the difference though! Tunepal will display the first two title fields in the ABC as the title and alternative title in the table. You can hit the “Web” button on Tunepal to go stratight to the thesession.org page about the tune for tunes found from there.


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