If you have a minute… please post a nice review of Tunepal on the app store

It seems Meni09 comment is the most recent on the tunepal page on the app store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tunepal/id356935033?mt=8. He describes Tunepal as “worthless”. Hmmmm. I’d prefer if people have problems getting Tunepal to work to post a comment here so we can correspond and figure out what the problem is! Maybe he is not playing in concert pitch, not playing trad or is an area where phone coverage is bad, because Tunepal is definitely not worthless. For 3.99 you get access to over 13,000 scores, playback, transposition and find-by-playing technology which works very well for the vast majority of users. Anyway if you have a minute today, would you mind posting a nice comment about Tunepal on the app store? Here are some unsolicited comments/emails I have received about Tunepal if you need inspiritaion:


BTW A BIG Tunepal announcment next week.


2 thoughts on “If you have a minute… please post a nice review of Tunepal on the app store

    • Well there is a slightly complicated answer to that! It used to, but it had some minor issues. Last time I submitted a version I used the iOS 4.0 SDK by mistake, which meant that it couldnt be used on an iPad any more. BUT on Thursday I got myself an iPad and today I recompiled Tunepal and tested it on the iPad and now it works fine. In fact the big screen is perfect for viewing music scores. So I will submit this new version tomorrow which means there will be an iPad compatible version on the App Store before the end of the week. Also see my latest blog post for more iPad news

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