Grant application approved!

I received some great news last week. My grant application to the Dept of Tourism, Culture and Sports in Ireland was  approved. This a major vote of confidence in the project and will enable me to make Tunepal an even more useful tool for the thousands of musicians who make use of it every week to find tunes. I have assembled a team to work on different aspects of the project, which will all be completed and released by the 30th of November 2010 as required in the conditions of  the grant. The team consists of :

Myself – team Leader and iPhone development
Brendan O’Nualtain – co-team lead and iPad development
Marco Cascorina – Web and iPhone development
Jamie Osler – Flash development
Morgan Conlon – Android developer
Jonathan Lynch – Graphics
Lisa Shields – User Experience and  testing

I’ve been hard at work checking all my code into SVN/Assembla and putting a project plan together. Here is what we plan to achieve in the next 5 weeks:

  • An additional 7,000 tunes in the search engine
  • A version optimised for iPad and Android tablet screen sizes
  • Search by title on the website
  • A cut-down WAP version of compatible with a large variety of devices. It wont have query by playing, but you will be able to search by typing in some music or by title and view the score and download the MIDI
  • Search YouTube for tunes from the web, iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Complete overhaul of including a new Flash transcription applet (to replace the Java applet)
  • Everything will be bilingual in Irish and English
  • Retrieve discographies and purchase music on iTunes/Amazon through Tunepal



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