Anyone experiencing a playback problem on iOS 4.1?

I just received this email:

“After updating recently I noticed that tunes don’t play any more in tunepal. It was either the recent update to tunepal or IOS4.1. Update. I’m using an iPod touch 2nd gen.”

I’ve tested Tunepal on my iPhone 3G running 4.1 and it seems to be playing fine. Has anyone else experienced this problem?



13 thoughts on “Anyone experiencing a playback problem on iOS 4.1?

    • Ive justed Tunepal on an iPod Touch 4th gen and an iPhone 3G running 4.1 and no problems. Cam you let me know what device you are using and what OS version you have?



  1. I’ve got an iTouch 2nd Gen (model #MB528LL if that helps.) I’m now on 4.2.1 (wasn’t playing tunes on 4.1 either.) Oh noes! Ears are so much better than dots! 😉

  2. I had that problem and discovered I had to put the microphone on and pretend to record something
    first before any tune would play. Now I have a new problem, I just downloaded the newly released version and it won’t open. It attempts to, but then it crashes.. I’m so disappointed. I have an Itouch 3rd generation.

    • Could you please try uninstalling the version you have on your iPod. To do this hold your finger on the icon for a second or two and then they will start to shake. Hit the X in top left corner. It will ask you if you want to uninstall. Then download again from the app store. You wont be charged again. Let me know what happens. Dont worry we will figure this out

      • I uninstalled, shutdown, reinstalled and have the same problem. My itouch is running version 4.2.1 Ios. I tried the uninstalled/reinstall several times with no luck.. as soon as I tap the app, it looks like it will open, but it never does. Fortunately, I have a prior version of your app on my laptop so I just put that back on my iTouch until this problem is fixed. We love your app, my husband is a fiddler and I use the app to help him find and remember tunes… I can’t wait for the new version to work because you have added some awesome functionality. Let me know if there is anything else I can try.

  3. What microphone? My iphone doesn’t have a microphone. It just has a mouthpiece, like most phones. The earplugs didn’t work either. I bought my copy of tunepal just after Christmas. It looks great but I’d love it to work.

    • Dave

      This problem is fixed in the latest update. If its not updating for you, please uninstall Tunepal (long press the uicon and hit X) then redownload from the app store. You will not be charged again as you have already purchased it. Please let me know the outcome


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