A milestone! The new tunepal.org website is now live

Check out the new tunepal.org website, featuring:

  • Better cross platform Java applet with a 3 second countdown and automatic recording stop after 12 seconds
  • Beautiful new graphics/look and feel
  • 3000+ new tunes – now nearly 17,000 in the database
  • Ability to search by title in addition to playing
  • Beautiful stave display using ABCJS
  • Perfect, accurate MIDI generation using the latest ABC2MIDI
  • A mobile optimised version for low end mobile phones.

Try it now: tunepal.org



5 thoughts on “A milestone! The new tunepal.org website is now live

  1. Beautiful, no doubt and thanks for the numerous services tunepal did for me during the past. But all hasn’t it an end ?… The new version does not work regarding the recording phase 😥 I can see the countdown, the record in progress but after having recorded with tunepal, the transcribe button is not accessible. I tried with different positions of the silence threshold, from lowest to highest, that does not work better. I check my mike settings and all seems good with it. My config is Firefox 3.6.12, under Vista, Java 6.22 (build 1.6.0_22-b04), my sound card is Sigmatel High Definition Audio Codec. I have Virtual Audio Cable installed, but both line-in and mike are de-activated. ‘Would be great if you could do something for me !

      • Thank you for answering so quickly. I have had some difficulties with the update of FF, but finally, I succeeded in recording. One remark concerning the new way it works : when cliking on one of the suggested tunes, the targeted page does not open in a new page/thumbnail ; and I did not find the way to get back on the recording page only with the back arrow of FF, and find that the recording/ABC transcription was erased. This is a little bit confusing especially if you want to correct some notes of the ABC transcription. Nevertheless, I find what I was looking for : Sonny’s mazurka. So thanks again for the good job !

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