Tunepal update live on the App store

iPhone/iPod owners will be getting the latest Tunepal update today as the update was approved by Apple last night.

There is a small bug in this version though!! On iPhones, audio is playing back through the ear-piece rather than through the speaker. I’m investigating today. If I can figure out what the problem is pretty quickly, I should have this fixed and live for Christmas


2 thoughts on “Tunepal update live on the App store

  1. Hey- the playback issue with the 2nd gen iTouch is resolved… Thanks! …But there is another issue, not overwhelming as I can workaround. The program won’t start if the microphone isn’t plugged into the sound jack- it just shows the start up screen for a second and then quits. After starting the program with the mic inserted I can remove it to hear sound or reinsert it as needed. I don’t usually use this program for the recording / identification thing though, so I don’t usually have the mic plugged in, and honestly I lose it sometimes, or realize I left in in another pocket, which will mean sometimes not being able to use Tunepal as a practice tool. I generally use this as a portable list of tunes I can read / play back to practice with wherever I find myself with time and an instrument…

    • Julio

      Thanks for letting me know about this. I’m pretty sure I can fix it as its a very specific problem and I know exactly what causes it. When Tunepal starts up, it starts FMOD (the audio library I use) in “Record and Playback” mode as it makes the recording start faster later on if you hit record. I’ll see if I can test the return value and try and just start in playback mode if it fails. iTunes Connect has shut down for the next few days for Christmas, so it will be next week before I get the update out.


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