The top 100 tunes downloaded from Tunepal

Here is the list of the top 100 tunes downloaded from Tunepal (on iPhones/Android Phones). I’ve filtered the list to remove tunes which are probably false positives:

Kesh Jig, The 98
Lark In The Morning, The 59
Silver Spear, The 58
Butterfly, The 56
Out On The Ocean 56
Cooley’s 51
Maid Behind The Bar, The 51
Kid On The Mountain, The 51
Silver Spear, The 49
Gravel Walk, The 49
Ashplant, The 48
Mason’s Apron, The 48
Merry Blacksmith, The 47
Green Fields of Rossbeigh, The 46
Lilting Banshee, The 45
Kesh, The 45
Roaring Barmaid, The 44
Morrison’s 44
Tommy Peoples’ 44
Father Kelly’s 44
Dublin Reel, The 43
Trip To Durrow, The 42
Mist Covered Mountain, The 41
Merrily Kissed The Quaker 41
Lord Gordon’s 41
Rose In The Heather, The 40
Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel 40
Cup Of Tea, The 39
Banshee, The 39
Blackthorn Stick, The 38
Humours of Ennistymon, The 38
Maid behind the Bar, The 38
Sally Gardens, The 38
Bucks Of Oranmore, The 38
Tommy Peoples’ 38
Geese In The Bog, The 37
Blarney Pilgrim, The 37
Gravel Walks, The 37
Off To California 37
Drowsy Maggie 37
Toss The Feathers 37
Harvest Home, The 37
Congress Reel, The 37
Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel 37
Christmas Eve 36
Green Mountain, The 36
Craig’s Pipes 36
Star Of Munster, The 36
Home Ruler, The 36
Man Of The House, The 35
Mouse In The Mug, The 35
Mountain Road, The 35
Hangman’s 35
Boys Of Bluehill, The 35
Bag Of Spuds, The 35
Monaghan Jig, The 35
Boys Of Ballisodare, The 34
Farewell To Erin 34
Earl’s Chair, The 34
Christmas Eve 34
Willie Coleman’s 34
Beare Island 34
Jim Ward’s 33
Tabhair dom do l\’amh 33
Jenny’s Chickens 33
Rakish Paddy 33
Humours Of Tulla, The 33
Apples In Winter 33
Munster Buttermilk 33
Cliffs Of Moher, The 33
Father Kelly’s 32
Inisheer 32
King Of The Fairies 32
Rolling Waves, The 32
Wise Maid, The 32
Green Fields of America, The 32
Lark in the Morning, The 32
Killavel Jig, The 32
Old Maid, The 32
Dusty Windowsill, The 32
Wind That Shakes The Barley, The 31
Atholl Highlanders, The 31
Tripping Up The Stairs 31
Dusty Windowsills, The 31
Gooseberry Bush, The 31
Green Fields Of Rosbeigh, The 30
Langstrom’s Pony 30
Monaghan Twig, The 30
Musical Priest, The 30
Concertina Reel, The 30
Fergal O’Gara’s 30
Drunken Hussar, The 30
Crooked Road, The 29
Bird In The Bush, The 29
Galway Rambler, The 29
Rambling Pitchfork, The 29
Irish Washerwoman, The 29
Paddy Fahy’s 29
I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave 29
Foxhunter’s, The 29


3 thoughts on “The top 100 tunes downloaded from Tunepal

    • Hi Colin!

      Thanks for you feedback. There are already thousands of Englist tunes in the database from the Nottingham Music Database, Aird´s Airs, John Tose´s Welsh tunes and Jack Campin´s Scottish Flute Music. Was there a particular collection you were thinking of? I´d be happy to include them if you can let me know

      All the best


  1. I can see the pencil icon when I tap on a tune, but there is no edit button on the My Tunes tab. I only see the words My Tunes on the header bar – I took a picture, can I send that to you?
    thanks Bryan,

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