Tunepal was offline this morning for a couple of hours

Apologies to anyone searching for tunes between 9:30am and 12:00pm Irish time. The tunepal.org server rebooted for some unknown reason and then didn’t start up correctly. It’s all working again now.


19 thoughts on “Tunepal was offline this morning for a couple of hours

  1. Hello – I am new to tunepal and am following the online tutorial for the iphone. I am about half way thru and got to the part about editing tunes, but I don’t see the edit button in the upper right – can you tell me where to find it! thanks! Mark

  2. Hello, i have an i-phone 3gs and the most recent version of tunepal, and for some reason all tunes i find, either through playing or a title search, have no sheet music displayed when I look at them through tunepal. any ideas?

    • Hi Max,

      I havent been able to reproduce this. can you give me some examples of particular tunes you are searching for that cause the problem. Just to be clear, when you find a tune, you have to tap on it to display the stave and there should be a blue toolbar underneath the stave to do various things like play the tune. Also perhaps you could send me a screenshot? skooter500@gmail.com


      • Unfortunately I see this happen quite frequently. Yesterday I did a recording: Result was “The Sunny Banks”. There were severall hits but when I opened the link to the file at thesession and on Norbecks. the app showed no notes and did not play the tune. Then I looked it up in “title”. When I hit the same entries the app crashed. Strangely, today search by title works perfectly. The tunes is shown and played.

      • Hi Moritz

        The Tunepal server is actually monitored every 10 minutes, so I get notified if there is a problem. It’s been offline for less than an hour in the past year, so I’d say the problem is most likely in your phone’s internet connection.


    • I had that happen with some tunes after the update. Found there was a space before the X:
      After removing the space the dots were showing again.

      • Hi , yesterday on the session it happened again. Connection to internet was there network Edge, 3 bars. The abc loaded ok, but no dots and no option of playback. Today I deleted the tune and sought the same version through the title-search, using wlan. It was found. Dots ok, and it plays. Only apparent difference was when I opened the abc the “good” one looked like:
        M:4/4 etc.

        the “bad” one looked a little different:
        M:4/4 etc.

        Just sent you an email with a screenshot of a tune, that does not properly show/play.

        Keep up!


      • Sorry, the space before T:
        and M: don’t sho up here in the last post. Every new line of the original abc seemed to be shifted to the right by one space. Only the X: line looks ok.

    • Hi, just happened again. Copied the abc, removed some spaces, added spaces in the header ( X:1 to X: 1), pasted it to the other app tunebook and then, only after the changes made, could open the file and see the dots. All this does not happen when my connection is through WLAN. Hope, that helps you Bryan

      • Strangely the data is received and there. I can open the abc and I see the header and tune. It is just not displayed as dots and not played back.
        Seems to be a problem with format. Could it be a problem with line feeds and carrier returns?

  3. Hi Bryan:
    1) Can not figure out how to start a new thread here
    2)The new thread being……..”How do I delete tunes from my favorites list that have been entered accidently?”

    • Easy!

      On Android just long press the tune on the My Tunes Tab to toggle the star. On iPhone, just tap the star when displaying the tune to toggle it as a favourite. To remove it from the list all together, go to the tune and hit the button at the top which says “Remove from My Tunes” (it will say “Add to My Tunes” if you haven’t already added it)


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