A change to the way the tunepal.org server encodes tunes

Today I made a small change to the tunepal.org server to change how it encodes tunes for sending to mobile devices. This was to get around a bug in the T-Mobile Germany proxy server which converts LF’s in XML documents to spaces. This change affects all Tunepal users on iOS and Android. Can you let me know any strange behaviour ASAP? Particularly as it relates to downloading Tunes.


4 thoughts on “A change to the way the tunepal.org server encodes tunes

  1. Hello Mike
    First, Tunepal is a fantastic development based on a great idea to start with and expressed with such clear and effective functionality. A rare example of an App that really does effect change. You may know of a book called A Dictionary of Musical Themes – Barlow and Morgenstern printed in 1949. It identifies thousands of classical themes by reducing them to simple code. I always wanted to see something similar for traditional tunes, and tunepal absolutely fulfils this function. Congratulations and thanks.
    I have two queries – I’ve looked elsewhere for info but can’t find any but I hope this isn’t the wrong place to put such queries:
    1 Can I change the order of tunes in My Tunes, to put sets together?
    2 Can I sync tunes between an iPad 2 and an iPhone – both using latest versions of iOS and Tunepal?
    Thanks for any assistance you may give.
    All the best
    Jim Rose

    • Hi Jim

      Thanks for your nice comments! That book is very well known in my field 🙂 In answer to your questions:

      1. Its coming in the next version which will be available sometime towards the end of the summer, once college finishes and I have some time to work on it.
      2. Thats a great idea, but it would be pretty tricky to implement. I’ll have to think about it.

      All the best


  2. does anyone know why i cant get search by playing on my Macbook? I have the latest version of Java. Neither the local apple shop nor my mac man can dolve the problem. I can get it fine on my PC, Do other Mac users have the same problem?

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