Plans for Tunepal this summer

It has been all quiet on the Tunepal development front this year so far, but college finishes next week and I have a lot of plans for Tunepal development this summer. Tunepal users can expect the following developments:

iOS and Android Users:
If Tunepal tries to identify a tune and fails due to a network connection problem, the recording will be saved so that it can be identified at a later time
Im going to move the record tab back to be the first tab as that is what people mostly use Tunepal for
The ability to sort tunes on the my Tunes tab by name, or source or favourites

Tunepal on Android:
The ability to import a tunebook in ABC format from the file system into My Tunes

Tunepal for Windows Phone 7
Im also planning to release the first version of Tunepal for Windows Phone

More tunes in the database! I’ll refresh the index from to get tunes added since Christmas
If there are any more Tunebooks you would like me to include in the index, please let me know
Im also going to experiment with transposition invariant searches and see what effect that has on accuracy


3 thoughts on “Plans for Tunepal this summer

  1. Hello sir,

    My girlfriend just upgraded from a dumb phone to a fancy Nokia Lumia 800. She really wanted this app but didn’t realise it wouldn’t be available on the Microsoft store, so I’ve trawled through some posts and was just wondering, did you still have plans to release it on Windows Phone??



    • Hey James

      Unfortunately we never finished the Windows Phone 7 port of Tunepal due to some technical issues with the platform. I have a Windows 8 version in the pipeline – however that model cant be upgraded to Windows 8



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