New versions of Tunepal, Tunepal HD and Tunepal for Android

New versions of Tunepal and Tunepal HD are live on the Apple app store today!

iOS users have always had the excellent Tunebook app for managing ABC music files on their devices, but Tunebook is not available on Android. I have therefore been working on the next version of Tunepal for Android that allows users to browse tunes stored in ABC files on their devices, and import tunes into “My Tunes” in Tunepal from ABC files. If anyone is interested in testing this functionality before I release it, please PM me.


4 thoughts on “New versions of Tunepal, Tunepal HD and Tunepal for Android

  1. I have Tunepal installed on my iPad, updated I to the latest (1.9) version. To test the new support for offline database searches, I turned on Airplane Mode and did a title search. Tunepal responded that I was not connected to the Internet. Am I misunderstanding what I should be expecting? (Thanks for a great app!)

    • If you have no internet connection, your tags (transcriptions) are now stored on the iPad, so you can submit them at a later date when you have internet. If you go to Unsubmitted Tags, you should see them listed in date order. Tapping on a tag will submit it for identification. Hope that explains how it works.

  2. Submitting unsubmitted tags works great – thanks!

    Suggestion: It would be helpful if the Unsubmitted Tags page would provide for listening to the recording before submitting the tag. It would also be helpful to be able to save a note (a comment) with each unsubmitted tag without leaving the app.

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