Anyone who bought Tunepal for ANdroid today

Anyone who bought Tunepal for Android today or upgraded the Android version – you may have noticed that you couldn’t submit recordings for matching. My apologies! I rolled out an update last night without checking it sufficiently. Its fixed now if you update to the latest version – Version 1.15


10 thoughts on “Anyone who bought Tunepal for ANdroid today

  1. Brian, I’ve had problems running Tunepal on a Samsung i9000, where tunepal quits before it completes any action, including after microphone countdown. I’v tried reinstalling, and updating to version 1.15, but to no avail. Any thoughts?

  2. I’m sorry to report a reproducible TunePal crash on Android: When I have TunePal match a tune, look at the ABCs, have TunePal render the dots, and then rotate the device from portrait before the rendering is done, the program crashes. This occurs while the program says “Loading…”. The crash occurs on Android on both my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.1 running Froyo and my Samsung Captivate Glide running Gingerbread. It doesn’t matter if I’ve got the device in Portrait or landscape orientation and then rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise. BB

  3. I think TunePal is having false-hits on a reel called “Up South”. A couple of weeks ago, I was playing at a very reel-heavy session, using TunePal to tell me what the tunes were. For most of the evening, Up South” came up as the first guess, even though nobody at the session had heard ofthe tune. Looking at the Zeigeist, this is the number-one hit tune for both iPhone and Android. ‘Just letting you know I’m suspicious of this…BB

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