Server upgrade successful!

I had the memory doubled on the server and it has been stable now for the past four weeks – serving over 14,000 tune searches without a hitch! Thanks to my hosting company


16 thoughts on “Server upgrade successful!

  1. Suddenly Tunepal has been playing in an odd key. I have checked fundamental and it is at D and the transcription is at 0 semitones. I hadn’t fiddled within or changed any iPod settings. Any advice? Thank you very much.

  2. Hello Bryan
    I have downloaded the App twice for my iPod 4. On both occasions the app fails to search either recording or by tune title? Please help

  3. Thanks for replying Bryan.
    As you can see this is sent from the iPhone on a good wi-fi connection. Anything else you could suggest would be gratefully received

    • David

      I’ve no idea. I just tested a fresh download from the app store on an iPhone 4 and it worked fine for me. Can you please give me some more information about the problem you are having?


      • Hi Bryan
        an update on my last message
        I have just tried to record a tune and instead of the app closing a message has appeared stating a connection problem with the code
        NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 4.
        Does this add anything

      • Hi Bryan
        Still having the same problem, Message on screen when trying to search on a recording is as follows.
        Sorry. Tunepal is having problem connecting to at he moment etc etc
        it the give the following code
        (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error4.)
        Does this give you any more ideas

      • Hi David

        That error means that Tunepal cant connect to to do the search. I guess it could be a DNS issue with your ISP. I know the server is up and I’ve tested a connection from several iPhones. Can you please try and go to in Safari on your phone and see if you can connect? You might also try a wi-fi in addition to 3G and let me know if it works. FYI: There were 244 iOS queries yesterday and 113 so far today. Im really puzzled as to why it wont work for you!


  4. Hi Bryan,
    First I want to say thank you for a great app- I can’t believe how useful it is!! However,everytime I’ve tried to download it from the android marketplace (I’ve tried several different times over the past few weeks), it says there is a server error. I dont know if you’re aware of this. I’ve managed to get it from the slideme market place, but it is the old version 1.081 and doesn’t support offline identification of tunes, which for me is very important.
    Is there any way of upgrading the app, as I still can’t get the new version? Very best wishes,

  5. Hi there I recently swapped from android to iPhone and I’m wondering do I have to purchase app again?thanks

  6. I’ve had your app for a few months now but hadn’t really ‘used’ it until yesterday while in a band tune jam. One of our hammered dulcimer players ripped into an Irish polka but couldn’t remember the name. I doubted that a single dulcimer would pick up enough to record in Tunepal. I was amazed when my I tried it and after the third try (user error 🙂 it came back with great results. Today as I was looking over the tune in the app, I realized all of the wonderful options there were from playing the tune, emailing it, finding it on YouTube to name a few. GREAT APP!

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