Please send me IOS Crash logs!

A couple of users have reported Tunepal crashes on IOS when the app is connecting to the server to perform a search. If this happens can you please email me ( your IOS crash log file as this will help me track down the problem? This is an article which explains where to locate it:


8 thoughts on “Please send me IOS Crash logs!

  1. Thanks to those who emailed me their crash logs. I tracked down the bug to a date formatting issue on iPhone, but I’ve put in a workaround on the server so Tunepal tune searches should now be working again for everyone!

  2. I upgraded to TP HD a while back but it crashes when I open it. The older non hd version doesn’t do that. Ihas there been an date? I’m using an ipad2 with the latest iOS version. I’m not sure where to find a crash log, but I’ll give it a look.

    • Hi Judi

      Thanks for buying Tunepal! Can you try the following:

      • Uninstall Tunepal from your iPad leaving only Tunepal HD.
      • Do a full restart of your iPad (hold in the power button for 10 seconds)

      When your iPad restarts, try Tunepal HD again.

      Sometimes iPads get confused if you have both versions running at the same time

      Let me know if it works ok for you!


      • I have an iPad 2, tunepal closes down as it submits the tune played to the server, there are no error messages:-(

      • Hi John

        Thanks for letting me know. I fixed this issue some time ago. Can you pleas upgrade to the latest iOS version and Tunepal version and let me know if you still have this problem? Let me know if that fixes it, otherwise we can try some other tests to diagnose the problem.



      • Hi Bryan, I’ve upgraded the latest iOS, but I don’t see any upgrades for tunepal in the App Store the problem is still there. John

      • John

        There was an issue with date formatting, but I think it should have been fixed quite some time ago. Would you mind changing the date format on your device to be 24 hour format (not a.m./p.m.) and let me know if your search works then? BTW You can also connect with me on facebook:

        If it works, great – but I may have a problem because that problem should have been fixed!!


      • Hi Bryan, did not find an upgrade, however it’s now working fine, so many thanks for your very prompt responses. :-)) regards John

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