tunepal.org now defaults to staff notation when you display a tune. Staff notation is rendered using the latest version of the ABCJS rendering engine. You can still view and download the ABC source by hitting the ABC link underneath the tune: http://tunepal.org/tunepal/show_tune.php?tunepalid=3-hnj0.abc-2-Banish~Misfortune


9 thoughts on “tunepal.org

  1. Is the staff rendering still done at your server? Being able to get staff notation offline would be a nice touch — I don’t have a data plan that works in Canada, but I do spend a good bit of time sessioning over there.

    • Hey Colomon

      I presume you are referring to Android Tunepal? Actually thats already implemented, but it uses a technology called SVG which requires Android version 3 and upwards. If you are on a phone or tablet running Android 3 or 4, you will see the score in stave notation. On android 2.3 you see the ABC and have to generate the score on the server as a PNG


  2. Thanks, I’ll give that a try. Is there a way to send a midi version to my MidiSheetMusic app (android), so I can slow it down (in key) in order to learn it?

  3. There is a bug in the ABC rendering on the Android app. John Chambers signs his transcriptions with the following: Z: 2012 by John Chambers
    The text after his name causes the notation to not be displayed. Removing the fixes the problem. John is a source of an enormous amount of ABC files so I expect that most ABC readers can handle this.

  4. Drat! The web page editor removed the section in my previous post that showed the problem. The text should have read:
    Z: 2012 by John Chambers (left pointy bracket)jc:trillian.mit.edu(right pointy bracket)

    • Hi Mike

      Can you give me a specific tune example? Also what version of Android are you running? I use a different rendering program on android 2 devices than Android 4?

      • Here is an example tune. I’m running the latest version of TunePal for Android. My Android phone is brand new and it is running “JellyBean” which is the latest version of Android.

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