A Tunepal fan video

A tunepal fan video…


22 thoughts on “A Tunepal fan video

  1. Very nice program but it needs a way to organize the “my tunes” into lists, either alphabetically or in a set list forma,t to make accessing saved tunes easier when playing at a session.

  2. Hi Brian, I’m using Tunepal on my iPad 2 with IOS 6.0.1. It’s suddenly stopped working properly. The record function doesn’t work, neither will it play any of my tunes. (at least no sound) Please help. Regards Alan

    • Yes, I was just attempting to get a tune identified on my ipad, and the record button looked like it was working, and then the app crashed and nothing. Does the Tunepal I purchased not work on ipad anymore?

      • I have the same problem with what seems to be a tunepal update for the iPhone (new look): record seems to work fine, analyses, submits, then crash! Other features seem ok.

  3. I have just installed a new ROM on my Android phone and Tunepal is giving me the following error when i try to play the tune:

    Could not play: file:///data/data/org.tunepal/files/temp.mid

    Any suggestions to fix?

      • I’m having the same issues as Sue (below) on my Galaxy S3. It opens directly to the sheet music, and the ABC only shows up if I edit or email. Playback returns the same “could not play” error.

      • Hi Ben

        Thanks for the feedback. It might be related to an S3 update. I have a friend who has one and I’ll be meeting him tomorrow to debug Tunepal on his device. I should be able to track down the problem


      • Experiencing the same problem here onAndroid on New Galaxy S3 and new download of tunepal. (today) Opens directly to sheet music and same error message when I try to play tune. Have you come up with a fix>?Thanks

      • Hi Bernard

        I managed to borrow an S3 today and verified the problem! I have also implemented a workaround that will fix the problem. I need to test it a bit more and I will send you a build of Tunepal tomorrow to test

        Thanks for buying Tunepal!


  4. Hi – I’m having the same problem with my new Android phone (version 4.1.1). The ABC file does download but I get the same error message “Could not play: file:///data/data/org.tunepal/files/temp.mid”. The ABC file doesn’t appear on the screen, however, I am able to call it up to edit/email it. Appreciate any suggestions you have!

    • Sue

      Ive figured out the cause of this problem. I have a fix, but I need to do a bit more testing this weekend. I should be able to send you a version to test this weekend



  5. Has anyone encountered a bug on the iphone version whereby the Edit button on my tunes disappears from time to time. I seem to have to switch the iphone on and off to get it to reappear.

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