New Tunepal!

The new version of Tunepal for Android is rolling out to devices around the world! BTW From now on I’ll be positing news about updates to the Facebook page.


10 thoughts on “New Tunepal!

  1. Hiya Bryan

    I have tunepal a long time now.Great app far play,But today i opened it up and finding an error prob. Its telling me i must resubmit .
    Can you help me with this..


      • Just found this blog. Can I use Tunepal to identify a tune, and feed the name of it into another application or retrieve and display a file stored locally for that tune. I have my own set of cheat sheets (chords mostly) for a growing collection of tunes, and I’d like to pull one of them instead of getting the stave/abc/whatever from your servers. I’m not averse to a bit of programming, so can either “call out” to Tunepal from my own app, or have Tunepal trigger my app with the tune identity. Long time programmer, but new to Android, so please excuse any misuse of terminology. Thanks

  2. Hi – Fabulous program but if I use any external links from within a tune in my tunes, when I return to tunepal the program crashes with message “tunepal has stopped”
    Program restarts ok but is bi of a nuisance
    This happens if I jump to The Session or YouTube or anything “external”

  3. I have the same problem (rooted LG optimus V running Backside I.H.O.) but like Derek says, not a deal breaker. Loving this app overall. well done.

  4. I’m back! Now the problem is that the app won’t save anything I compose, or any edits I make to the ABC files. My work wil be there in the list, but if I swipe over to the search section and back again, it’s gone! Still running the same android version as I mentioned above.

  5. I just upgraded my S4 to a BlackBerry Z30. Why don’t you guys make a beautiful BB10 app and experience the joy of developing for an advanced and growing OS? The Android version works fine on the Z30, better than on the S4, but just seems so old-school compared to the lovely, layered BB10 apps. It’s like going from Minority Report to Windows 95. Get with the program and build us smart people an advanced app for our advanced devices! Thanks!

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