There is a problem with Tunepal on the…

There is a problem with Tunepal on the latest Galaxy S3 which causes the app to generate an error when trying to play a tune. Ive managed to borrow an S3 for the day and have implemented a fix I am currently testing. If you have an S3 PM me your email address and I’ll send you the updated Tunepal this weekend.


45 Sound – An amazing new service for live music

Hey trad bands! I am currently doing some work for these guys: They have an amazing service. If you are doing a gig and would like to use the service free of charge for your fan videos let me know and I’ll set it up:

45 Sound is a new service which makes your live music videos sound better. We replace the original sound of your video footage (which is usually fairly poor) with a high-quality recording of the exact same part of the concert. Now when you upload your video to YouTube and share it on Facebook, it will sound as good as it looks. It’s a great way to capture the memory of the concert, and also to play your own part in telling the story of the band or artist. Check out this example of how the service works:

Here is an example of the multi-angle player version of a Kila show from last December:

Received by email a few weeks ago Every…

Received by email a few weeks ago…

Every year Emerald invites each journal’s Editorial Team to nominate what they believe has been that title’s Outstanding Paper and up to three Highly Commended Papers from the previous 12 months. Your paper has been included among these and I am pleased to inform you that your article entitled “Tunepal: Searching a Digital Library of Traditional Music Scores” published in OCLC Systems & Services: International digital library perspectives has been chosen as a Highly Commended Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2012.

The award winning papers are chosen following consultation amongst the journal’s Editorial Team, many of whom are eminent academics or managers. Your paper has been selected as it was one of the most impressive pieces of work the team has seen throughout 2011.